Meupia Art Project: School of Petit-Paris, Brest-France

In September 2013, in partnership with the School of Petit-Paris and PL Pilier-Rouge in Brest, Company Act II started Meupia Art Project.

Morgane Quiguer went to school of Petit-Paris in Brest-France with Grade 3-4-5 students, to talk with them about her experience in The Philippines with the Manobo tribes.

In February 2014, she goes back to the school with the Flipino Artist Louie Talents, offering the children to draw, write or paste what they intend to say or show the Manobo children.

In April 2014, Morgane and Louie went to Kisayab in The Philippines to present the drawings to the Manobo children who were very exhited to reply to the French childen.

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