“By making scintillate our light,

we offer theothers the opportunitto do so.”

Nelson Mandela


Company Acte II started in 14th of May 2008 in the city of Brest in France.
To go acting, tell stories, exchange thoughts and ideas, move the audience to laugh, cry, think and more especially to move them to dream again… these prompted us to exist with meaning.

Over the years, the company has expanded and now offers shows that bring together different forms of art ( theater, dance, singing, stage fighting ) as well as artistic performances and contemporary art installations.

Cultural regeneration is also at the heart of our approach, which is why we have developed the “Meupia” project in the Manobo-Tigwahanon tribe in the Philippines so that children can relearn their culture, preserve their traditions, have access to education and serve as a door to the world with pride of their cultural identity.

We dream of a world with cultural vibrancy in all perspective. A world where art in all its form is accessible. Openness to the world is at the center of our approach, which is why it is always a pleasure for us to play on tour as it has been in the past years : in India, in Dubai, in Israel/Palestine and all over France.


To Be Happy Is Now.

Company Acte II


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