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Nomination 2017


‘Best Young Audience Show’ and ‘Best Scenography’



Click on the red link to listen to Loreleï Daize, stage director of “Ala-é-Din” on her Radio interiew et Radio “France Bleu” with Franck Duret last January 25, 2017



“In this genius musical tale, performed by a group of motivated and gifted young actors from Company Acte II, it’s choreography, it’s singing, it’s stage fight, and acrobatics owes not on magic but on teamwork with well-oiled mechanics.»  ‘Le 18ème du Mois’ December 2018


“Aladdin – Simply beautiful. […] Song, acrobatics, dance, acting with an extreme precision, humor, connectivity with the public, it is a dazzling festival where all the actors are perfect, juggling brilliantly from one role to another. [..] The stage design is simply innovative […] The costumes are also creatively done and all of these are highlighted through a subtle lighting. […] The fencing fights are amazing. »  ‘Le Telegramme’ December 04, 2017


“[…] A real moment of theatrical pleasure. […] On the stage reigns a sacred energy, generated above all by a precise staging, energetic, even fiery. […] A real spirit of troop is palpable permanently. […] Successful costumes … acrobatic fights very cleverly choreographed … very wise and very stylized stage design, all brought to the success of the project. […] This play Aladdin is a proof that we don’t have to take the children merely as they are but we can count and trust on their intelligence.”  Blog ‘De la Cour au Jardin’ July 20, 2017


“As generous as his characters, this musical adaptation revisits the tale “Aladdin and the marvelous lamp”, extracted from the collection of the Thousand and One Nights. […]
This twirling show presents a beautiful work of research around the costume which reflect the culture and tradition of the Middle East.” Newspaper ‘Télérama Sortir’ February 27, 2017


“The children got caught up in this adventure, drummed by fiery actors. Special effects, captivating and spectacular fights fixed to the millimeter…. If the wicked vizier impresses them just enought,, they will retain especially the clownery of the Génie, who makes them laugh a lot … As for Princess Yasmine, a modern and charming young woman, she displays unrivaled fencing talent. Aladdin and the public are under the spell!”  Blog ‘La Muse’ February 9, 2017


“Edward Wolf, Matthieu Brugot, Jonathan Dos Santos and Morgane Quiguer deploy fierce and contagious energy, dragging the public into their vision of the adventures of Aladdin … all the children who came out of the show had eyes filled with stars (had only one comment): SUPER !!!”  Blog ‘Je n’ai qu’une vie’ February 4, 2017


“Company Acte II was in residency at Espace Keraudy […] selected people were able to enjoyed the first scene of the play. It was a short glimpse, yet it was already a beautiful demonstration of what will comes next.” ‘Le Télégramme’ September 27, 2016 


“Last week, Company Acte II was in residency in Armorica to prepare their next show entitled «Ala-e-Din» […] The four actors of this company, base in Brest, play ten different role and the scene showed a bold impact for the rest of this show.” ‘Le Télégramme’ October 22, 2016


“The children from Locquirec participated in the theater rehearsals of a group in Brest.[…] Wednesday is children’s day and indeed, the morning has kept its promises. About sixty children are invited to see a glimpse of the show «Ala-e-Din» of  Acte II a theater group from brest.” ‘Ouest-France’ November 23, 2016



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