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A Family Show


Season 2014-2015


« OUR FAVORITE – Mowgli in Essaïon Theater – Ambiance, ambiance. Looks like the den of a bear, or a wolf’s […] The classic book of Rudyard Kipling from 1894 seems so current! […] The spirit of play awakens the pleasure of senses. A beautiful all age show! »  ‘Figaroscope’ September 9, 2013


« The adaptation of the Jungle Book has conquered the public. » ‘Ouest-France’ January 11, 2012


« The public has greatly loved the adaptation of The Jungle Book. […] Young leaping actors, good singers and very good presence, brilliantly told the story of Mowgli. […] The young company indeed is a punch. The play earned numerous reminders at the end of the show to both children and parents. » ‘Le Télégramme’ January 9, 2012


« Mowgli without frills […]Without overrefined but with humor, song and dance, this ‘Jungle Book’ is excellent in more ways than one. » ‘Version Fémina’ September 15, 2013


« A disturbing desire of soundscape. […] Suspense, conflict […] The bodily espouse animal attitudes, compete in games or contests, mingle or to hug. The Bodilywork of actors sing a beautiful hymn to life and made ​​the show a vibrant moment. » Blog ‘Quoi de Neuf à Coye’ Mai 15, 2013


« A Jungle Book with energy and voice […] The battles are fierce at will, each animal shown has a particular attitude and one element that differentiates it. Some savagery emerges from the interpretation of this young cast members in agreement with the artistic tone of the story. » ‘Télérama Sortir’ 2T – September 17, 2012


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