Jonathan Dos Santos

Actor, Author, Stage Director


Actor, writter and stage director, Jonathan Dos Santos formally widen his knowledge in art theater at Sorbonne Nouvelle and continued his studies at EICAR (International School of audiovisual creation and production) focusing on acting. And in 2005, he took a full course at the conservatory in the 11th district of Paris, under the tutelage of Alain Hitier and Philippe Perrussel.

From then he never stop playing!
From 2004 to 2011, he played different character in twenty play.

Also stage director, Jonathan directed Cuisine et Dépendances written by Bacri-Jaoui, Venise sous la neige written by Gilles Dyrek and La Visite written by Anthony Déchaux.

From 2011 to 2015, he plays the bear Baloo in “Company Acte II” ‘s The Jungle Book, directed by Lorelei Daize and goes to performs his own written play: La Cave aux Folles, En Panne d’Excuses and Accouche.

Currently on stage in the hit play Make love not Kids, he is also among the cast in several full length films, short films and web-series. Jonathan Dos Santos also practice singing, dancing, fencing, archery and horse riding.

In early 2017, at Cine 13 Theater he was playing the role of the Genie and the Sultan in Aladdin -The Prophecy, the family show of the “Company Act II” which he is co-author.

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