A new page is turned for the MEUPIA Project which was launched four years ago in the Manobo-Tigwahanon village of Kisayab in the Philippines. The Cultural Center which took a big part of our efforts has finally come to be real this year. The project is now moving forward.

We had the pleasure of inaugurating it by taking part in the INSIDE/OUT project of the contemporary artist JR. Thanks to JR’s global art project transforming messages of personal identity into works of art, the ceiling of the Kisayab Cultural Center has been covered with portraits of the 32 Manobo-Tigwahanon children of which this story has begun!

We are looking for international and local NGO

who are willing to provide livelihood program for the good and benefit of the Manobo-Tigwahanon community. 


To all those who have helped us throughout this experience,