ULULE Crowdfunding : Meupia Project [Philippines]


Last boost for the Manobo Cultural Center of Kisayab!

Need 500 euros to complete the project !

Collect from April 04 to April 18, 2017



The Meupia Project, launched in the Philippine, four years ago (April 1, 2013) aims at preserving the Manobo-Tigwahanon culture by promoting intergenerational exchanges.

Last February, after several years of fundraising, we launched the construction of a cultural center in the small village of Kisayab. The building work is almost finished, thanks to the help of the voluntary workers. However, today we still miss a few pesos to achieve the project. That is the reason why we are now launching a 2-weeks-crowdfunding campaign on ULULE to collect 500 euros we need to get the projet ready for opening.

We need a little help from fate (but more accurately from you) to carry out this project …


You can support us throught this link,

from 5 euros :