Meupia Art Project 2: Les P’tits Cracks, Paris-France

In January 2014, the french children from association Les P’tits Cracks who are fighting against cancer in Paris-France were asked to make born paper size drawing with a touch of stickers and words of what they intend to say and intend to show the Manobo children.

In April 2014, the Manobo children were doing the same in response of their creatives letters.

These drawings have been cauterized together by Louie Talents a filipino artist, to form one artwork with a visual image of a french girl giving comfort to a manobo boy.

These artwork is currently exhibited at Trousseau Hospital in Paris-France until the end of the month.

We are opening doors to exhibit the artwork around the world to any organization defending children’s rights.

More information on the project on the page Meupia Art Project.

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