Exhibition LIBRES ET ÉGAUX? in Brest

Last January 7, we invited you to the exhibition entitle JE SUIS CHARLIE of Filipino contemporary artist Louie Talents, in response of terrorist attacks that took place in 2015 in Paris-France.

Many of you came and participated in the project by writing your personal definition on freedom of expression in the matchsticks.

Louie Talents made a new artwork out of it, which aims on raising public awarness that what is happening in Paris, is also happening in other parts of the world… yet the world is silent about it.

The 3rd artwork speaks about these incidents that inflict fear to divide humanity. The important part is how we response possitively to these incidents for unity towards humanity.

Opening of the exhibition LIBRES ET ÉGAUX? on April 28, 2018 at 6PM at Pilier-Rouge in Brest.

Je Suis Charlie Expo Patro 2'

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